Genuine & Superior QUALITY SHILAJIT

Benefits of Shilajit

Increase Stamina & Energy

Shilajit has a superfine rejuvenating effect that makes the body strong and healthier. In traditional times, Shilajit was taken with pure milk to enhance energy and even spiritual power.

Naturally Detox Body

One of the main active ingredients in Shilajit is Fulvic Acid which is highly effective at neutralising and detoxifying harmful toxins and pollutants including heavy metals such as lead and mercury.

Vitamin & Mineral Rich

The primary active ingredients in Shilajit are Fulvic Acids, Dibenzo Alpha Pyrones, Humins, Humic Acids, trace minerals, vitamins A, B, C and P (citrines), phospholipids and polyphenol complexes, terpenoids.

Enhances Libodo in Men & Women

Shilajit works as nature’s best aphrodisiac and a powerful supplement for low sex drive.

Mental & Physical Perforamance Enhancer

Shilajit is a natural method of promoting learning and memory function.

Tissue Regeneration

Shilajit can effectively Restore, Rejuvenate and Revitalize the Skin.

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